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The Inspections of As-built Construction Records by 3D Point Clouds

TitleThe Inspections of As-built Construction Records by 3D Point Clouds
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsShih, N-J, Wu, M-C, Kunz, J
Date Published08/2004
Publication Languageeng
Keywords4-D, Architecture, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, CIFE, Construction, Stanford University
AbstractThis study establishes a method for recording and comparing the progress of an on-going construction site using 3D data retrieved by a 3D long-range laser scanner. For a comparison to scheduled categories, two point clouds reveal a construction condition of expanding, reducing, or changing status. The Boolean operations of point clouds provided a theoretical foundation for an algorithmic calculation of as-built construction process to display changes in details. We found that the as-built data were able to describe the building construction process based on what really occurs at a site, when 3D scans were made in stages or at various time intervals. Retrieved shapes were collected in a continuous manner or in a configuration as a whole. Once the clouds are retrieved and transferred into proper data format, the as-built schedule can be compared in a commercial available CAD platform to work with the environment currently used by most architecture or construction firms. An exemplification was made to a campus building construction site through the comparisons of data sets, as a proof in identifying the differences in phases, objects, volume, and details.
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