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31st AEC Global Teamwork

PBL Lab - 31st AEC Global Teamwork event and Winners of the sustainability IPD and technology challenges

31st AEC Global Teamwork

CEE222 - annual international event
May 10th
Stanford University
Yang & Yamasaki Environment & Energy Building (Y2E2) 
CIFE iRoom 292
475 Via Ortega 3rd Floor
Stanford, CA 94305
United States

We were excited to meet in person at Stanford and on Zoom for inspiring AEC global student team presentations and lively discussions/Q&A of their projects with industry mentors, as well as announcing the winners of this year’s 3 challenges to address this year's theme:

Transgenerational Sustainability

18th Sustainability Challenge:

Beauty - preserve, conserve, and serve the greater good. Design that creates transformative change.
PBL Lab Liason: Adhamina Rodriguez, Founder and CEO, AR Green Consulting

15th IPD Challenge

DfMADRe: Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Disassembly, and Re-assembly.
PBL Lab Liason: Tony Dong, Ph.D. Head of Technology and Innovation, DPR Construction

6th Technology Challenge: 

Augmenting Intelligence in AEC Global Teamwork
PBL Lab Liaison: Renate Fruchter, Ph.D. Founding Director of the PBL Lab and Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Stanford University

We had 30 students from Stanford and partner universities worldwide a coming, representing 5 disciplines - architecture, structural and MEP engineering, construction management, and life cycle financial management (LCFM), coming originally from 18 countries. They were distributed over four AEC-MEP-LCFM globally distributed project teams. They learned to collaborate and virtually design and build university buildings addressing local hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

36 industry and faculty mentors participated in-person and another 32 mentors engaged on zoom to discuss the student teams' projects, team process, and proposals to address this year's theme and 3 challenges. All presentations were reviewed and evaluated by industry mentor-judges. The winners are:

6th Technology Challenge: Island2024 team
15th IPD Challenge: Pacific2024 team and Island2024 team
18th Sustainability Challenge: Pacific2024 team

Their presentations as well as past year challenges and AEC team presentations can be viewed on the PBL Lab - AEC PROJECTS gallery website -