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CIFE 2019-20 Seed Awards Announcement

Jul 22 2019

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We are pleased to annonce the CIFE Seed Research Awards for the 2019-20 academic year:

  • A Comparative Study of the Ecosystems for Prefabrication: Europe and the US - M. Fischer
  • Automated Generation of Context Information for Construction Crews at the Workface - M. Fischer, O . Khatib
  • Building for the Occupant: Optimizing Building Layouts for Energy Efficiency and Organizational Performance - R. Jain
  • Data-driven Modeling for Performance-Based Contracting in Naturally Ventilated Buildings - C.  Gorlé , M. Fischer
  • Digital Twin for Construction - M. Fischer
  • Edge Computing Hardware for Smart Buildings - B. Murmann
  • Leveraging Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction - M. Fischer, O . Khatib, C. Brosque, M. Vulliez, E Galbally
  • Human and Robot Interaction for Dynamic Updating of Building Information Models- K. Law
  • Robotics Evaluation Framework (continued) - Drywall Robot - M. Fischer
  • The Impact of Building Envelope on Occupant Wellbeing and Knowledge-work Productivity - M. Fischer