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CIFE Announces Seed Awards for Academic Year 2020-21

Jun 1 2020

CIFE is pleased to announce the CIFE Seed Research Awards for the 2020-210 Academic Year:

  • Hybrid Physical-Digital Spaces: Transforming the Design, Operation, and Experience of Built Environments to Promote Health and Wellbeing - J. Landay, S. Billington
  • Creating Sustainability-focused Value through Industrialized Construction: The Role of Organization-related, Process-related, or Product-related Strategies and Technology Interventions¬† - M. Lepech, E. Plambeck
  • Leveraging Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction (Continuation) - M. Fischer, O. Khatib
  • 3-Force 3-Factor Model to Shape Digital Strategy - M. Fischer
  • AEC and Pandemic: response and impact - M. Fischer
  • Validating the Robotics Evaluation Framework - M. Fischer
  • PDSA Cycle for Micro-Scheduling - M. Fischer
  • Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts for Autonomous Construction Progress Payments - M. Fischer
  • A Bottom-up Approach to Generate VDC Application Patterns by Comparing Structured Production Objectives Data - M. Fischer
  • The Next Design Workflow: Transforming Project Workflow Through VR-Augmented Design Review - M. Fischer
  • Critical Success Factors and Guideline for openBIM and VDC on Infrastructure Projects - M. Fischer, C. Kam
  • Assessing Climate Risk in Energy Infrastructure Investments - R. Rajagopal