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CIFE Seed Research Awards for 2021-22

May 18 2021

CIFE is pleased to announce the Seed Awards for the 2021-22 academic year:

  • A Big Data Modeling Framework for Evaluating the impact of Urban Design and Constructability on Multi-scale City Energy Usage - R. Jain
  • An Integrated Facility Management System (IFMS), supported on the VDC methodology, to Engineering Laboratories - M. Fischer
  • Bridging Design and Fabrication via Neuro-Symbolic Visual Program Synthesis and Rendering - J. Wu
  • Design for Human-Robot Collaboration - M. Fischer, O. Khatib
  • Digitalization Sensemaking in the AEC Industry - M. Fischer, R. Burgelman
  • High-Performance Modular Products and Open-Access Platforms: A Kit-of-Parts Solution to Lower Energy Burden and Increase Housing Affordability - M. Fischer
  • Human-Robot Collaboration - M. Fischer, O. Khatib
  • Including Constructability and Equity as Optimization Criteria for District Scale Energy Systems - R. Jain
  • POP-driven Assessment of VR use in AEC - M. Fischer
  • Roadmap to navigating and addressing Reciprocal Interdependencies - M. Fischer
  • Similarities and Differences in Production Metrics Reported across VDC Implementation - M. Fischer