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CIFE Seed Research Awards for 2022-23

CIFE is pleased to announce the Seed Awards for the 2022-23 academic year:

  • Extending the construction robots database – M. Fischer
  • Design for Robotic Construction (Continued) – M. Fischer, O. Khatib
  • Developing Virtual Assistants for the AEC-FM Industry – M. Fischer, M. Lam
  • IC-Checker: Rapid Evaluation and Optimization of Industrialized Construction Systems for Buildings Designs – M. Fischer
  • Neural Design Phase: Bridging Schematic and Development Phases – M. Fischer, L. Guibas
  • Exploring human-robot collaboration in industrialized construction assembly production by using computer vision algorithms – M. Fischer
  • Flexibility in Building Design – M. Fischer
  • Data-driven methods to understand and improve the design and retrofit of buildings to support occupant wellbeing – S. Billington
  • A Socio-technical Approach to Increasing the Use of Natural Cooling in Residential Buildings – R. Jain, C. Gorle, G. Wong-Parodi
  • Assessing building-level retrofit potential on a large scale – M. Fischer
  • Reduction of operational carbon in existing buildings through energy efficiency – M. Fischer