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Recent News

Sep 23 2020
Renate Fructher gave a talk at "Supercharging the Virtual Workforce: Distance Learning and the Future of Work", a virtual event organized by the XR Association in Washington DC. Their mission is to work with Congress towards responsible development of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed...
Jun 1 2020
CIFE is pleased to announce the CIFE Seed Research Awards for the 2020-210 Academic Year:
May 28 2020
Ernestine Fu, while a postdoctoral scholar in the lab of Professor Martin Fischer, co-authored the piece "Why Self-Driving Cars Shouldn’t Be Too Autonomous" for Stanford Engineering Magazine. She explains why designers should focus on developing systems that make it easy and natural for passengers...
May 18 2020
Congratulations to Calvin Kam of Strategic Building Innovation and adjunct professor working with CIFE. AIA has included him in the 2020 Class of Fellows.  He is recognized as "a visionary, educator, and entrepeneur -- who promotes and advances industry tranformation -- optimizing quality, value...
Apr 28 2020
CIFE is pleased to note several familiar names on the 2020 Maveridks 50 List published by BuiltWorlds. Congratulations for well-deserved recognition to Peter Beck of Beck Group, Andrew Anagnost of Autodesk, and Danielle Dy Buncio of VIATechnik. CIFE director, Martin Fischer, is also the list.