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Recent News

Oct 20 2020
Jon Mohle of Clark Pacific discussed CIFE PhD student Yan-Ping Wang's research work as part of his presentation at ENR's FutureTech Conference. Yan-Ping's research uses images from the construction cranes on Clark Pacific jobsites to run simulations that would optimize the crane's accuracy. The ENR...
Oct 16 2020
Watch Martin Fischer speak about “The Value of Open Data” at the buildingSMART Nordic Conference in Copenhagen on Sept 23. The conference was co-organized and co-hosted by former CIFE Visiting Scholar Ole Berard.
Oct 1 2020
The recordings from the CIFE Summer Program 2020, where permitted by the speakers, are now available on the program website.
Oct 1 2020
"Forest Peterson was recently voted onto the Executive Board of the Santa Clara County Construction Careers Association Board (S4CA). He will join that Board as the Career Technical Education (CTE) representative.
Sep 23 2020
Renate Fructher gave a talk at "Supercharging the Virtual Workforce: Distance Learning and the Future of Work", a virtual event organized by the XR Association in Washington DC. Their mission is to work with Congress towards responsible development of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed...