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VDC Workshop – creating a pathway to high-skill jobs in construction

Jul 20 2018

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CIFE organized a week-long workshop in July 16-20, for 15 technical education instructors from local high schools and colleges, aimed at enabling them to create VDC courses for their students.

group photo of participants and instructors

Pictured class of 2018: (left to right) front row: Alissa Cooperman (CIFE), David Lomax (San Jose City College), Isai Ulate (San Jose City College), Cynthia Brosque (CIFE), Catherine Ayers (California Community Colleges), and Anthony Kinslow II (CIFE); back row: Bruce Greenstein (California Community Colleges), Dennis Meakin (San Jose City College), Jose Ochoa (Yerba Buena High School), Leland Lowe (San Jose City College), Phuong Tran (Foothill College), Richard DeLaRosa (Piedmont Hills High School), Lisa Long (San Jose City College Trades Orientation Program), Kyle Dobrenz (Piedmont Hills High School), Forest Peterson (CIFE), Thomas Rettenwender (Monterey Peninsula College and UCSC), and Martin Fischer (CIFE).

Lecturers not pictured: Josue Garcia (Santa Clara County MEPS), Hesam Hamledari (CIFE), Pouya Kalehbasti (Blume Center), Yujin Lee (CIFE),  Rui Liu (CIFE), Ryan Lundell (Piedmont Hills High School),  Jonathan Montoya (Piedmont Hills High School), Parisa Nikkhoo (CIFE), Filippo Ranalli (CIFE), and Mike Williams (Project Management Institute).

Educating career technical educators in virtual design and construction.

Two groups of career technical education instructors came to campus for a week of lectures and workshops by Stanford’s Center for Integrated Facility Engineering. One group was from East San Jose high schools. And one group was from San Jose City College and Foothill College. Combined, these educators are a pathway for students entering high skill jobs in the construction industry. The workforce VDC program updated skills so to reflect industry needs for data driven methods. This allows students to keep pace with a building industry moving to data driven methods for designing, building, and operating sustainable, energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure.

These educators will create Virtual Design and Construction courses. With educators from the 1st Workforce Virtual Design and Construction Program, they will return in May with student teams for the 2nd Virtual Design and Construction High School-Community College-Apprenticeship Mentoring Session.