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Research Scientist

Alissa Cooperman

Alissa Cooperman is a Research Scientist with CIFE. She seeks to understand the meeting process in AEC/FM and what the study of meetings reveals about how work is achieved and coordinated.  

She completed her PhD at Stanford University in June 2023. Her PhD research focused on the presence of communication inefficiencies among meeting participants in AEC/FM. Her dissertation work contributed a formalized method for systematically analyzing conversations in meetings so that breakdown handling can be observed and analyzed. As a Research Scientist Alissa seeks to further her PhD research. When not behind a computer or in a meeting, Alissa can be found riding a bike on and off road.


PhD Civil Engineering Stanford University
Masters Sustainable Design & Construction Stanford University
BS Mechanical Engineering Harvard College


My research takes the first steps toward analyzing how successful a meeting is at resolving breakdowns and leading to action