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PMAPM: An Object Oriented Project Model for A/E/C Process with Multiple Views

TitlePMAPM: An Object Oriented Project Model for A/E/C Process with Multiple Views
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsIto, K, Law, KH, Levitt, RE
Date Published07/1990
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsA/E/C Process, artificial intelligence, CAD, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, CIFE, Frame, Knowledge-Based Expert System, Multiple View, Object-Oriented Programming, Project Model, Relational Database, Stanford University
AbstractGenerating, sharing and maintaining project data among multiple disciplines and throughout a project life cycle is a difficult task in the highly fragmented Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) industry. Presently, the A/E/C industry lacks a common standard for exchanging project data to allow applications to share graphical and non-graphical information produced and consumed at the various stages of a project cycle. The object-oriented paradigm provides a useful mechanism to organize and structure complex information and offers a powerful approach for sharing information and knowledge. This paper describes an attempt to develop an object-oriented project model to facilitate information sharing among multiple disciplines and across project stages from planning, design, construction to management of a facility. The feasibility of employing this model for information transfer from CAD to various knowledge-based expert systems will be discussed.
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