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Journal Article

Comparison of on-site and off-site robot solutions to the traditional framing and drywall installation tasks


Given the efforts to automate construction tasks on- and off-site, construction innovation leaders should determine whether robots are beneficial compared to traditional methods. However, we have not found a study comparing on and off-site robots to traditional methods. This paper develops a case study contrasting the impact of on-site drywall placing robots and off-site framing to the traditional framing and drywall installation. Strenuous work reduced from 90 to 57% with the on-site robot and 44% with the off-site robot. Both robots minimized the 3% traditional rework. Prefabrication cut the framing and drywall schedule by 38% and the on-site robot by 23% working 16-h shifts. Added costs included the robot service (50% increase) and the prefabrication logistics (45% increase). Finally, the paper assesses whether the traditional versus single-task robot evaluation method is suitable for off-site prefabrication robots. Limitations included the schedule comparison units, business model adoption, and environmental impacts.

Cynthia Brosque
Jen Tobias Hawkins
Tony Dong
Joakim Örn
Martin Fischer
Journal Name
Journal of Construction Robotics
Publication Date
March 24, 2023
Springer Nature