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Conference Paper
Fu, E. et al. Assessing the Effects of Failure Alerts on Transitions of Control from Autonomous Driving Systems. 2020 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (2020).
Fu, E. et al. The Car That Cried Wolf: Driver Responses to Missing, Perfectly Performing, and Oversensitive Collision Avoidance Systems. 2019 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (2019).
Brosque, C. et al. Collaborative Welding and Joint Sealing Robots With Haptic Feedback. 2021 Proceedings of the 38th ISARC, Dubai, UAE (ISARC, 2021). doi:
Brosque, C. et al. Comparison of Construction Robots and Traditional Methods for Drilling, Drywall, and Layout Tasks. 2020 International Congress on Human-Computer Interaction, Optimization and Robotic Applications (2020). doi:10.1109/HORA49412.2020.9152871
Ramsey, M. & Levitt, R. A Computational Framework for Experimentation with Edge Organizations. (2005). at <>
Brosque, C., Galbally, E., Khatib, O. & Fischer, M. Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction: Opportunities and Challenges. 2020 International Congress on Human-Computer Interaction (IEEE, 2020). doi:10.1109/HORA49412.2020.9152888
Welle, B. & Haymaker, J. A Knowledge-Based Approach to Problem Formulation for Product Model-Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in AEC. (2011). at <>
Fu, E. et al. Is Too Much System Caution Counterproductive? Effects of Varying Sensitivity and Automation Levels in Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems. 2020 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (2020).
Chen, C. & Gorle, C. Validating Computational Predictions of Natural Ventilation in Stanford’s Y2E2 Building. The 7th International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering 2018 (2019). at <>
Journal Article
Fu, E., Newell, D., Becker, A., Schwegler, B. R. & Fischer, M. Is Adaptation Sustainable? . Construction Innovation (2013).
Hamledari, H. & Fischer, M. The Application of Blockchain-Based Crypto Assets for Integrating the Physical and Financial Supply Chains in the Construction & Engineering Industry. Automation in Construction (2021). at <>
Hamledari, H., Sajedi, S. Omid, McCabe, B. & Fischer, M. Automation of Inspection Mission Planning Using 4D BIMs and in Support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Data Collection. ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (2021). at <>
Brosque, C., Skeie, G. & Fischer, M. Comparative Analysis of Manual and Robotic Concrete Drilling for Installation Hangers. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 147, (2021).
Hamledari, H. & Fischer, M. Construction payment automation using blockchain-enabled smart contracts and robotic reality capture technologies. Automation in Construction 132, (2021).
Sonta, A., Dougherty, T. & Jain, R. Data-Driven Optimization of Building Layouts for Energy Efficiency. Energy & Buildings (2021).
Nutkiewicz, A., Yang, Z. & Jain, R. Data-driven Urban Energy Simulation (DUE-S): A framework for integrating engineering simulation and machine learning methods in a multi-scale urban energy modeling workflow. Applied Energy 225 (2018) 1176-1189, (2018).
Mehdizadeh, R., Fischer, M. & Burr, J. The Green Housing Privilege? An Analysis of the Connections Between Socio-Economic Status of California Communities and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. (2013). at <>
Ranalli, F., Flager, F. & Fischer, M. A Ground Structure Method to Minimize the Total Installed Cost of Steel Frame Structures. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index 134, International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering 12, (2018).
Mehdizadeh, R., Fischer, M. & Celoza, A. LEED and Energy Efficiency: Do Owners Game the System?. (2014). at <>
Hamledari, H. & Fischer, M. Measuring the Impact of Blockchain and Smart Contract on Construction Supply Chain Visibility. Advanced Engineering Informatics 50, 2021, 101444, (2021).
Hamledari, H. & Fischer, M. Role of Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts in Automating Construction Progress Payments. Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction 13/1, (2021).
Mehdizadeh, R. & Fischer, M. The Unintended Consequences of Greening America: an Examination of How Implementing Green Building Policy may Impact the Dynamic between Local, State, and Federal Regulatory Systems and the Possible Exacerbation of Class Segregation. (2013). at <>