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Technical Report
Winstanley, G., Chacon, M. A. & Levitt, R. E. The Application of Model-Based Planning Technology to Full-Scale Construction Projects. (1992). at <>
Ekström, M. A., Björnsson, H. C., Kunz, J., Levitt, R. E. & Nass, C. I. The Impact of Rating Systems on Subcontracting Decisions: A Transaction Cost Analysis. (2003). at <>
Kunz, J., Fischer, M., Haymaker, J. & Levitt, R. E. Integrated and Automated Project Processes in Civil Engineering: Experiences of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering at Stanford University. (2002). at <>
Kunz, J., Jin, Y., Levitt, R. E., Lin, S. - D. & Teicholz, P. The Intelligent Real-Time Maintenance Management (IRTMM) System: Support for Integrated Value-Based Maintenance Planning. (1995). at <>
Ito, K., Ueno, Y., ,, Levitt, R. E. & Darwiche, A. Linking Knowledge-Based Systems to CAD Design Data with an Object-Oriented Building Product Model. (1989). at <>
Levitt, R. E. Merging Artificial Intelligence with CAD: Intelligent, Model-Based Engineering. (1990). at <>
Ghate, A. et al. Modeling 21st Century Project Teams: Docking Workflow and Knowledge Network Computational Models. (2002). at <>
Darwiche, A., Levitt, R. E. & Hayes-Roth, B. OARPLAN: Generating Project Plans in a Blackboard System by Reasoning about Objects, Actions and Resources. (1989). at <>
Ito, K., Law, K. H. & Levitt, R. E. PMAPM: An Object Oriented Project Model for A/E/C Process with Multiple Views. (1990). at <>
Levitt, R. E., Tommelein, I. D., Hayes-Roth, B. & Confrey, T. SightPlan: A Blackboard Expert System for Constraint-Based Spatial Reasoning About Construction Site Layout. (1989). at <>
Working Paper
Akinci, B., Fischer, M., Kunz, J. & Levitt, R. E. Automated Generation of Work Spaces Required by Construction Activities. (2000). at <>
Levitt, R. E., Jin, Y., Oralkan, G. A., Kunz, J. & Christiansen, T. R. Computational Enterprise Models: Towards Analysis Tools for Designing Organizations. (1995). at <>
Aalami, F. B., Levitt, R. E. & Fischer, M. A Customizable Representation for Construction Method Models. (1998). at <>
Levitt, R. E. & Kunz, J. Design Your Project Organization as Engineers Design Bridges. (2002). at <>
Thomsen, J., Kunz, J. & Levitt, R. E. Designing Quality into Project Organizations through Computational Organizational Simulation. (1998). at <>
Nasrallah, W. F., Glynn, P. & Levitt, R. E. Diversity and Popularity in Organizations and Communities. (1998). at <>
Nissen, M. & Levitt, R. E. Dynamic Models of Knowledge-Flow Dynamics. (2002). at <>
Mortensen, M., Kunda, G., Triesch, M. & Levitt, R. E. The Effects of Project Extranet Software on Project-Wide Communication Patterns. (2002). at <>
Akinci, B., Fischer, M., Levitt, R. E. & Carlson, R. Formalization and Automation of Time-Space Conflict Analysis. (2000). at <>
Oralkan, G. A., Staudinger, J., Levitt, R. E. & Roberts, P. The Haztimator: Knowledge-Based Time and Cost Estimating of Hazardous Waste Remediation Projects. (1993). at <>
Nielsen, R. et al. Integrated Construction Planning: A Problem Analysis. (1992). at <>
Nasrallah, W. F., Levitt, R. E. & Glynn, P. Interaction Value Analysis: When Structured Communication Benefits Organizations. (2000). at <>
Levitt, R. E., Dym, C. L. & Jin, Y. Knowledge-Based Support for Concurrent, Multidisciplinary Design. (1991). at <>
Zolin, R., Levitt, R. E., Fruchter, R. & Hinds, P. J. Modeling and Monitoring Trust in Virtual A/E/C Teams: A Research Proposal. (2000). at <>
Oralkan, G. A., Jin, Y. & Levitt, R. E. Modeling Organizational Change in Response to Informational Technology. (1994). at <>