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Research Collaboration

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Participation in CIFE Seed Research Projects: Member companies have the opportunity to collaborate with a research team on a CIFE seed research project contingent on the need of the research team. Typical engagements include, but are not limited to, sharing and analysis of data about the performance of current methods, testing of frameworks, concepts, and software prototypes on projects, workshops for problem definition or research validation, and connection with synergistic ongoing R&D projects at the affiliate’s organization or their industry, government, or academic collaborators.

Visiting Scholar Program: The Visiting Scholar (VS) program is designed to enable close collaboration between CIFE Affiliates at the Associate and Collaborator-level and CIFE to explore and develop a research area of mutual interest. A VS can be a member of the Affiliate’s staff who is collaborating with CIFE researchers as a visiting scholar or as a matriculated or non-matriculated student. A VS can also be a Stanford student who is working at Stanford or at a CIFE Affiliate’s site to advance research in that way. A Visiting Scholar from a company is a recognized expert in a field of expertise relevant to the CIFE community.

  • Visiting Scholar from Associate or Collaborator at CIFE: An Associate or Collaborator can send a staff member to work at Stanford as a Visiting Scholar (VS). These individuals become a part of research teams and are given office space with access to CIFE facilities. In addition, with the permission of the respective faculty, they can audit classes and attend colloquia. If a VS desires to work on an individual research project, CIFE will attempt to match the VS with an appropriate faculty member who can guide the research. Typically, VS spend 1 to 4 quarters at Stanford, but longer periods are also possible for an additional quarterly fee of $25,000.
  • Stanford student doing research with an Associate or Collaborator: An Associate or Collaborator may elect to work with a Stanford student in the context of the VS program. This is usually a Ph.D. student who needs access to field data or is attempting to test a research prototype or method and who is working on a topic of joint interest. CIFE will facilitate the matching of students and Associates or Collaborators. As mutually agreed, the student may work at Stanford or at a CIFE Affiliate site. The $25,000 quarterly VS contribution covers the tuition and stipend for the student for the duration of the contribution (at the 10 unit or 50% research assistantship level). Additional expenses (e.g., travel, accommodation) need to be covered by the CIFE Affiliate.