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Using the CIFE iRoom

Using iRoom Computers

You may log into any iRoom computer (including those connected to the Smart boards) by using your SUNet ID and password.  Note that the first time you log in to an iRoom computer, a window will pop up asking to hit any key.  Please click on that window and hit a key, you will then be logged out, and will need to log in again.  This is necessary to initialize your home directory, and will not be needed again. 

Your iRoom (and CEE computer lab) home directory is stored in your AFS directory in folder SoE.  You can access your home directory from elsewhere by using WebAFS or any of the other AFS file access methods.  To copy files to/from your desktop on the iRoom computers, use folder SoE/Desktop.

Be aware that any files you store in your home directory are included in your AFS quota (normally 5 gb). If you exceed your quota, you will no longer be able to save files.  CIFE has a file server that can be used to store larger amounts of data, contact Marc Ramsey for further information.

iRoom Etiquette

  • Please clean up after yourself -- paper, cups, etc.
  • Cables: please do not disconnect or rearrange them!
  • Tables and chairs: return them to their “home” position – see layout
  • Doors from the hallway: propping them open creates a security issue; please do not prop them open!

Room Layout

Please leave iRoom A (right) and E (left) sides in the layout as diagrammed below:

iRoom layout