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10th Anniversary of the Industrialized Construction Forum (ICF)

At CIFE’s 10th Industrialized Construction Forum (ICF), speakers from around the world shared their visions, experiences, and insights on Industrialized Construction (IC). We thank all the speakers and attendees for making this event a resounding success. 

We are excited to share these key takeaways:

  • IC is used around the globe: The Forum showcased examples from Europe, US, and Australia. Speakers also mentioned the potential of IC in developing nations.
  • IC has expanded beyond new builds to include renovation: Many speakers highlighted this evolution and broader scope of IC to enable circularity.
  • IC is a holistic approach and encompasses a wide range of components: Customer focus, planning, design, building and technical systems, factory production, prefabrication, digital tools, automation, logistics, experience reuse, continuous improvement, and long-term relationships.
  • The connection between design and physical production is particularly key for IC: Many speakers noted recent advancements in this area and highlighted the need for further developments.
  • IC is a key strategy to deliver high-quality buildings and other structures: As in previous ICFs, many speakers highlighted the increased efficiencies offered by IC. In addition, many speakers showed how their companies are using IC to deliver higher-quality buildings.
  • Bringing together government, industry incumbents, and innovators is emerging as a highly effective strategy for advancing IC: This is particularly important given investor concerns following major VC-backed failures in the past year.

We're excited to see where industrialized construction will take us in the next decade.