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CIFE attempts to address fundamental research questions, which typically ask

  • What is a theory, based on fundamental principles, which can be used to describe and explain or predict elements of (sustainable) design, construction and operations?
  • What is a method to operationalize a new theory using socially embedded computer methods?
  • What is the power and generality of the theory and innovative method?

Translational Research at CIFE

The goal of CIFE research is transformation:  to improve project (virtual) design and construction in ways that dramatically and measurably contribute to exceptionally reliable engineering and management processes to design, construct and operate sustainable facilities.

The method we use is “translation” to integrate:

  • Baseline observations of practice – typically the projects of CIFE member organizations.
  • Theory that integrates fundamentals of engineering, basic sciences, social and political sciences.
  • Results of field intervention studies – on member jobs.

CIFE translational research gives practitioners the opportunity to identify, explore, develop and apply new methods that have great potential value … with low risk and (relatively) low cost.

Cultural Values

We try to explicitly recognize and practice cultural values and remain:

  • Open and transparent: to members, colleagues and students;
  • Directed toward big ideas: believable breakthrough vision for members and students;
  • Evidence-based: seek and respect measured results to precise questions;
  • Systematic: drive from Mission - strategy - objectives - plans - actions - reflection -updates
  • Focused: serve our members, students and the university; help the industry as we can.