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CIFE Seed Research Projects

The goal of CIFE research is transformation:  to improve project (virtual) design and construction in ways that dramatically and measurably contribute to exceptionally reliable engineering and management processes to design, construct and operate sustainable facilities.

The method we use is “translation” to integrate:

  • Baseline observations of practice – typically the projects of CIFE member organizations.
  • Theory that integrates fundamentals of engineering, basic sciences, social and political sciences.
  • Results of field intervention studies – on member jobs.

CIFE translational research gives practitioners the opportunity to identify, explore, develop and apply new methods that have great potential value … with low risk and (relatively) low cost.

CIFE Seed Research Projects for 2019-20

A Comparative Study of the Ecosystems for Prefabrication: Europe and the US

buildings and construction cranes

Automated Generation of Context Information for Construction Crews at the Workface

Photo taken at the construction job site during field study

Building for the Occupant: Optimizing Building Layouts for Energy Efficiency and Organizational Performance

Image from

Data-driven Modeling for Performance-Based Contracting in Naturally Ventilated Buildings

Digital Twin for Construction

Image from:  Manufacturing in America 20 -

Edge Computing Hardware for Smart Buildings

City with circuit in background

Human and Robot Interaction for Dynamic Updating of Building Information Models

turtlebot photo

Leveraging Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction

Robotics Evaluation Framework (continued) - Drywall Robot

Robots on construction sites

The Impact of Building Envelope on Occupant Wellbeing and Knowledge-work Productivity

Scientist Eleanor Lee in at the test facility at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) for testing the performance of different glazing system (Reproduced from:

CIFE Seed Research Projects for 2018-19

Previous years' CIFE Seed Projects