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Approach to CIFE Seed Research

The goal of CIFE research is transformation. CIFE Seed Research must invent, test, develop, deploy, and validate new design, construction, and operation management methods and tools that will dramatically and measurably contribute to a more sustainable, resilient, useful, and innovative built environment.

The method we use is “translation” to integrate:

  • Baseline observations of practice – typically the projects of CIFE member organizations.
  • Theory that integrates fundamentals of engineering, basic sciences, social and political sciences.
  • Results of field intervention studies

CIFE translational research gives practitioners the opportunity to identify, explore, develop and apply new methods that have the potential to contribute to measurable improvements in practice and contribute new knowledge intended to open new directions of industry-driven research. 

CIFE Research spans several dimensions within the built environment, including all aspects of the POP Framework (product, organization, and process), all stakeholders in the built environment (owners, designers, builders, operators/facility managers, users), all infrastructure objectives (buildable, usable, operable, sustainable), and different types of innovation (modular, systemic, explorative, and incremental.)

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