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CIFE Seed Research

Each spring quarter, Stanford faculty have the opportunity to submit proposals for CIFE seed research projects.

The "Call for proposals" can be found here.

With the guidance of our industry members, CIFE will award some of the proposals so that Ph.D. students can work on their seed research projects throughout the following academic year.

The findings of the research will be shared publicly.

All current and previous CIFE seed research projects can be found in the menu sorted by year.

Approach to CIFE Research

The goal of CIFE research is to invent, develop, test, deploy, and validate novel methods and tools for multidisciplinary design, fabrication, construction, and operation.


Practical Experiences of CIFE Members

Theory of Engineering and Social Science

Results of Field Intervention Studies


New Methods and Tools for Design, Construction, and Operations Management

Employing a holistic Product-Organization-Process Framework


the built environment by making it more useable, sustainable, innovative, and resilient


Knowledge relevant to AECO

Improvements in practice

Avenues for industry-academia-driven research