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Research Collaboration

  • Participation in CIFE Seed Research Projects
  • Visiting Scholar Program


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Inspiration & Guidance

  • Membership on Industry Advisory Board (IAB)
  • Membership on Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
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Event Participation

  • Summer Program
  • Industrialized Construction Forum
  • CIFE Conferences & Workshops
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Interaction with CIFE-Community

  • Joint Student-Affiliate Learning Experiences
  • Facilitated Recruiting of Students
  • Visits by Faculty or Staff to CIFE Members
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CIFE operates under the Stanford University Policies for Industrial Affiliates Programs. In support of Stanford’s charter to “promote public welfare”, CIFE aims to create knowledge that improves the performance of the built environment. CIFE’s specific research focus is on the integration of design, construction, and operation for all kinds of built facilities. The knowledge created in the CIFE community is shared publicly to maximize its dissemination and speed up its widespread adoption. Since the data and knowledge about the performance of the built environment exist only in industry practice and cannot be simulated or collected in university laboratory settings, the interactions between CIFE and its industry affiliates are designed to maximize the likelihood of creating theoretically sound and practically relevant knowledge as efficiently as possible.