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CIFE Author Instructions

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CIFE Author Instructions 

Instructions for Submitting Publications to CIFE

CIFE is pleased to offer CIFE PI's and students a method for submitting papers electronically for on-line publication. CIFE is now accepting for reference and/or storage the following types of publication:

  • Technical Reports
  • Working Papers
  • Journal Publications
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Presentations

Please include the following information in your document, as appropriate:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Publication Date
  • Citation if published elsewhere: referred journal, conference proceeding, of presentation occasion
  • Acknowledgements: any CIFE member company partnerships, sponsors (If the product of a CIFE project, the name and date of the project.)
  • Abstract:
    • Engineering problem: description of the motivating engineering problem
    • Theoretical background: or theoretical point of departure
  • Research Methods:
    • Description of how the engineering problem motivated the research and validation
    • Description of the theory, algorithms, architectures or methods created by the research
  • Discussion or conclusions:
    • Summary of report content in laymen's terms
    • Findings, if any
    • Recommendations for research and practice
  • Bibliography
  • Keywords: 4 or 5 words/terms. Please indicate any of the below that apply and add any others that are relevant:

        Cost estimation
        Electronic commerce
        Organization models
        Process models
        Product models
        Site layout
        Virtual Design and Construction

  • Document Source: .pdf file, Word document, URL

READY To PUBLISHPlease fill out and submit the online form for the director’s review, entry into searchable database, and publication, as appropriate. CIFE will prepare the .pdf, if necessary. For Technical Reports and Working Papers, CIFE will assign the publication's number and append a cover page and copyright page to the front of the report, before publishing as a pdf document on the CIFE web site.